Wallert - Slim, Stylish and Smart Wallet

Technical Specifications


Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.0


iOS (iPhone 4S to 6Plus) and Android


Up to 65 feet (20m)

Battery life

1.5 months (rechargable)


ARM® Cortex®-M3


Buit-in beeper (~90dB)

Wallert works for your life

Wallert - slim your wallet and keep it Smart - with in-built bluetooth locator, latest flat design

Wallert is a smart wallet
Wallert is a slim flat designed wallet
Wallert connects to iOS and Android via Bluetooth
Wallert never bulks up or bulges in your pocket
Wallert has an inbuilt tracker for easy detection.
Wallert is a slim wallet that can be located using a mobile app.

Keep all of your cards and cash in a slim line, premium quality leather wallet, that you will never lose or misplace again.Wallert was created to make life easier for men who hate chunky wallets that they keep losing.

Finally the wallet that every man needs – even if he didn’t know he needed it.Features Wallert is a slim line wallet, designed to stay flat no matter what you put in it; and no matter where you leave it, you will always locate it.

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• Slim line design – remaining flat at all times.
• Wallert accommodates 4 -14 cards without bulging or bulking up
• 6 card pockets + 1 hidden pocket
• Dimensions: 8cm x 10cm
• Half the size and bulk of a regular wallet
• Quick access to card slots using unique window design
• Pull-tab for infrequently accessed cards
• Bills can be folded in 2 or 3 folds
• Premium vegetable tanned cow leather – for less bulk and flat design
• Built-in Bluetooth tracker
• 1 year warranty


Track your Wallert with your phone or smartwatch

Wallert works with Android and iOS.

Install the Wallert mobile application and synchronise with your Wallert. Simply activate the Bluetooth locator on your smart device and it will locate your Wallert and direct you to the precise location using the GPS system in your device, so you can retrieve your Wallert with ease.

Wallert utilises BLE, Bluetooth Low Energy technology. It is energy saving, works with all smart devices and allows the slim and neat design of Wallert. Bluetooth technology also allows your Wallert to be located easily and swiftly even when your Wallert may be concealed behind or beneath other objects.

"Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se."

Charles Eames